Central Park Frank Rog Amphitheatre

Central Park Frank Rog Amphitheatre
Frank Rog Amphitheatre
The Central Park Frank Rog Amphitheatre sits on the shores of Lake Bennett and features alake fountain back drop.

The terraced grounds of the amphitheatre
provide ample seating for concerts and performances in the park as well as
wedding ceremonies.

Adjacent to the Amphitheatre is the Jaycees Shelter, making this siteconvenient for a combined outdoor ceremony and reception.
2540 North Lexington Avenue

Summer EntertainmentSeries
Free concerts are held at the Amphitheatre Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdaysin June, July and the beginning of August.

TheSummer Entertainment in the Park Series is supported by the generosity of sponsors and volunteers, please consider supporting this community resource.