HANC Summer Camps

Half Day Camp

Fish Finders at Lake Bennett

Central Park Frank Rog Amphitheater Ages 6-10

Explore underwater habitats, learn about protecting water, understand the need for regulations & increase your fishing skills, all with equipment we supply. Note: Please have your fishers dressed appropriately for outdoors & bring rain gear, sunscreen, insect repellent, & water bottles. Morning snacks are provided. Drop off & pick up campers at the Central Park Frank Rog Amphitheatre.  $136

Program #1243.286 M-F Jun 10-14 9:00am-12:00pm

Full-day Summer Camps

HANC Ages 6-11

Enjoy mornings of fun nature education & afternoons of outdoor, nature-related recreation. Morning & afternoon snacks provided; bring your own lunch & beverage. NOTE: Be prepared for the outdoors, bring rain gear, sunscreen, insect repellent & water bottles. Afternoon recreation will include lake swimming, biking & hiking. Drop-off 8-8:30am, pick-up 4:30-5pm (8am-12pm for half-days)

Dem Bones

Do frogs have bones? Do snakes have tails? How are bird wings like human arms? Answer these questions and more as you build a skeleton, examine animal skulls, compare your bones and explore body movements.
Program # Days of the week Dates
1243.287 M - F Jun 22-26
1243.288 M, W, F Jun 22, 24, 26
1243.289 M, Tu, Th Jun 22, 23, 25
1243.290 M-F, 8am-12noon Jun 22-26

Nature's Kitchen - Supreme

Explore natural processes like volcanoes, soil formation, and bee behavior while trying supremely delicious recipes to make things like oozing mud cakes, a "classic" stone soup, sticky honey treats, and more.

Program # Days of the week Dates
1243.291 M - F Jul 13-17
1243.292 M, W, F Jul 13, 15, 17
1243.293 M, Tu, Th Jul 13, 14, 16
1243.294 M-F, 8am-12noon Jul 13-17

Sensational Spiders

Meet a tarantula, explore Arachnid relatives, go on a web hunt and try some spider foods (yes, real bugs!). Also learn about tick safety, discover the truth about Daddy Longlegs, and try out a weaving project.
Program # Days of the week Dates
1243.295 M - F Jul 20-24
1243.296 M, W, F Jul 20, 22, 24
1243.297 M, Tu, Th Jul 20, 21, 23
1243.298 M-F, 8am-12noon Jul 20-24

Forces of Nature

Turn sunlight into energy, harness the wind, and capture the power of water. Explore nature's energy sources by making and racing solar cars, designing your own kite, launching water bottle rockets and more!

Program # Days of the week Dates
1243.299 M - F Aug 17-21
1243.300 M, W, F Aug 17, 19, 21
1243.301 M, Tu, Th Aug 17, 18, 20
1243.302 M-F, 8am-12noon Aug 17-21


Go online, telephone 651-792-7006 or come in person to Roseville Parks and Recreation at City Hall.