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The City of Roseville has an open collection trash hauling system also known as “subscription service”. This means that waste generators contract directly with a waste hauler of their choice. The city does not provide or administer a garbage collection service.

Residents and business owners can choose to contract for garbage services from one of the Trash Haulers with the city. Contact the haulers for details on pricing and pick-up schedule.

Different Types of Trash

Some of what is typically thrown away can be recycled, composted, or handled in special ways. To help understand the diversity of types of trash and regulation for proper handling see Types of Trash provided by Saint Paul Ramsey County Public Health. Find out how to recycle or safely dispose of other items with or call 651-633-EASY (3279), answered 24/7. 

Residential Recycling

The City of Roseville contracts with Eureka Recycling for residential recycling. If residents have questions on what can be recycled, or would like to request a different size bin, contact Eureka Recycling or call 612-NO-WASTE (612-669-2783).

Composting and Yard Waste

Residents can bring their food waste, non-recyclable paper and yard waste to Ramsey County Yard Waste Sites.  For more information about what is accepted and locations see Ramsey County’s Yard waste site.  Free compost bags can be picked up at Roseville City Hall, and/or at the Ramsey county Yard Waste Site.

Free Fix-It Clinics

Have broken stuff lying around?  Don't trash it - fix it!  Bring things like small household appliances, clothing, electronics and more to a Ramsey County Fix-It Clinic.  Volunteer fixers will help you to disassemble, troubleshoot and repair your item.

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