Composting and Yard Waste

Ramsey County operates public compost sites for the disposal of leaves, grass clippings, brush and other compost materials. Stumps are not accepted.
There is no charge for disposal of these materials, but residents must show proof of Ramsey County residency, as the program is paid for by property taxes.

Wood chips and compost are available at some sites, check the specific site for details on availability.
Visit Ramsey County’s Yard Waste website for more details on locations and hours.

Organics Composting

Residents can bring their food waste and non-recyclable paper to a Ramsey County Yard Waste Site.  For more information about what is accepted and locations see Ramsey County’s Yard waste site.  Roseville also has a Food Scraps (organics recycling) drop off at the City’s Leaf Recycling Center.  For more information, visit  Free compost bags can be picked up at the Leaf Recycling Center, Roseville City Hall, and at the Ramsey county Yard Waste Site.

Backyard Composting

Home composting is an easy way to turn organic waste into a rich soil amendment. All you need is a compost bin and a pitch fork, which you can find at most lawn and garden stores. See how to compost and find answers to the most common composting questions.
Residents can purchase a compost bin through Roseville's annual sale in the spring.  Please check the Recycling Association of Minnesota website for sale details.

Compostable Yard Waste Bags

If your yard waste is picked up by a hauler or recycler, state law now says you must use a reusable container or special bag that can be composted. Plastic bags are not considered reusable containers and are banned. Many home improvement stores now offer these compostable yard waste bags.