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2022 Budget Information

City Council adopts 2022 budget

December 6, 2021 

With the December 6, 2021 meeting in the books, Roseville City Council adopted the 2022 budget. The $58.1 million budget is supported by $24.8 million in property tax revenues and is the result of a months-long process that started in April, 2021.

City Manager Pat Trudgeon is pleased with the collaborative efforts involved in the creation of this year’s budget proposal.

“I appreciate the effort of the public and council for taking a look at this budget from a holistic perspective,” Trudgeon says. “It’s exciting to see how the budget aligns with what we’ve outlined for our city priorities… now it’s time to start ‘doing the work’ to make sure these funded priorities see action in 2022.”

View the 2022 Adopted Budget

2022 budget priorities include:

• Investment in Maintaining City Programs and Workforce to cover inflationary costs - $729,304 levy increase

• Investment in infrastructure - $220,000 levy increase 

• Investing in equity work to improve community outcomes - $126,000 levy increase

• New staffing impacts to include an Environmental Intern, Fire Cadet, and Communications reorganization - $91,250 levy increase

• Use of Federal ARPA funds to assist in community COVID recovery

• Strategic use of financial reserves

Even while meeting these priorities, the $58.1 million budget holds the line on spending and is a reduction from the 2022 total city budget. This reduction is due to the 2021 capital needs at the OVAL that aren’t replicated in 2022 and for the cost savings associated with moving IT Metro-INET functions to a separate entity in 2022. 

Estimated City Tax Levy Impact

The median valued home of $296,500 will see an increase of $5.38 per month in city property taxes – or $64.56 annual increase. The majority of this increase is due to the 5.7% increase in the median valuation of homes set by the Ramsey County Assessor.

 For more on the City’s budget or tax levy, contact Finance Director Michelle Pietrick at 651-792-7031 or

2022 Budget Graphic

2022 Budget Enters the Home Stretch

November 16, 2021

The City of Roseville City Council will review the budget in two more upcoming meetings: 

  • November 29: Final Budget Public Hearing (Truth-in-Taxation hearing)
  • December 6: 2022 budget and property tax levies to be adopted

The $58.1 million preliminary budget approved in September holds the line on spending and is a decrease of $4.5 million. The decrease is a result of almost $5 million programmed in 2021 for renovations at the Oval and the removal of the IT Metro-INET functions which will become a separate entity in 2022. When 2021 is adjusted to account for these two items, the actual net budget is increased by $1.5 million. 

The city Council encourage resident participation. You can attend the meeting online or in-person!

City Manager Proposes 2022 Preliminary Budget

August 23, 2021

City Manager Patrick Trudgeon's 2022 preliminary budget recommendation was delivered to the City Council on August 23. Continuing to be mindful of the financial difficulties and economic recovery needed in the continued COVID-19 pandemic, the $58.1 million budget presented by Trudgeon maintains city programs and services, while continuing to provide funds for maintaining critical community assets and investing in better community outcomes. 

2022 City Manager Recommended Budget

Ensuring sustainable funding for Roseville's assets and infrastructure has been a primary goal for the City council over the last 10 years. The 2022 preliminary budget provides additional funds to several capital asset funds to continue this work and ensure funding for city equipment and infrastructure for the next 20 years. 

Request For Council Action (PDF)
Recommended Budget PowerPoint Presentation (PDF)
City Council Budget Presentation Video (starts at 2:12)

The preliminary budget provides resources for the city to better engage the residents and businesses to lead to better community outcomes. These resources include funding for outreach and community events, community forums, providing translation services and staff training on community engagement principles and diversity, equity, and inclusion topics. 

The preliminary budget also includes Federal American Rescue Plan Act funds to cover the costs of an embedded Ramsey County Social Worker in the Roseville Police Department to provide for an alternative response model in interactions with persons in crisis.

2022 Budget
Water, Sewer, Storm$16,429,825
Parks and Recreation$8,677,700
Public Works$6,317,675
Administrative Services$3,614,720
General Facilities$1,275,000

 *License Center, Community Development, Planning & Inspections, Debt Service

Under the preliminary budget, a median-valued Roseville single-familyi home, now valued at $296,500, will see an increase of $5.63 per month or $67.56 per year in city taxes paid. 

What is a preliminary budget?

A preliminary budget, sometimes referred to as a recommended budget, is a balanced budget presented to the City Council by the City Manager. It is a starting point from which council members work to arrive at a final budget for the following fiscal year. The final vote on adoption of Roseville's 2022 budget will take place in December. 

Funding the Budget

Roseville's budget is comprised of tax-supported and non-tax supported items. Tax-supported revenue is primarily derived from property taxes, with no-tax supported revenue coming from sources like fees for services and user charges, intergovernmental transfers and other sources such as investments, assessments and franchise fees. 

Chart of funding sources for 2022 Preliminary City Manager Proposed Budget

Roseville commercial and residential property owners will combine to contribute about $24.8 million or 43% of the city's 2022 budget. That is an increase of just over $1 million compared to 2021. 

Property Tax Picture

Did you know that only about a quarter of the typical Roseville residential property tax bill goes to the City of Roseville? In 2021, the city's portion of a typical Roseville homeowner's tax bill was 26 percent of the total property tax bill. The remaining portion of taxes paid went to Ramsey County (36 percent), school districts (34 to 35 percent) and other taxing districts like the Metropolitan Council and Watershed Districts (3 to 4 percent). 

The preliminary budget proposes an increase in residential single-family property taxes of about $5.63 per month for the median Roseville home valued at $296,500, yielding a median monthly tax bill of $98.75.

Next Steps

The City Council is required by state statute to adopt the preliminary budget and tax levy for 2022 by the end of September. Once the preliminary levy is adopted, it can be lowered in the final version of the budget, but not increased. The Council is expected to consider adoption of the 2022 preliminary budget and tax levy at is September 27 meeting. 

Share Your Thoughts on the Budget

Now that the 2022 preliminary budget has been presented, the City Council  would like to hear from you. Does the recommended budget represent your priorities for Roseville? If not, are there areas of the budget that you would like to see the city allocate more or fewer resources? What changes would you suggest? Share your thoughts with the City council by completing an online budget feedback form. 

Roseville Charts 2022 Budget Path

April 14, 2021

The City of Roseville has released its 2022 budget calendar. Over the next several months, the City Council will hold meetings to listen to the community, identify priorities, and review strategies for the 2022 budget.

In addition to City Council meetings, the Finance Commission, which meets the second Tuesday of the month, will discuss the budget at several of its meetings.

With the level of investment the city makes in its annual budget, it is important for residents and businesses to let the city know if the budget reflects the community’s priorities. The City Council encourages the public to participate in budget meetings and share its thoughts about the 2022 budget.

Roseville City Council meetings currently are being held using the Zoom platform. In-person meetings will resume as soon it is safe to do so. Members of the public who wish to comment during a Zoom-based meeting are asked to register at Zoom meeting information is posted in the calendar notification ahead of each meeting. 

Residents and businesses may also email the city council at or comment by visiting and submitting a City Council Contact Form. Written comments are compiled and delivered to council members.

Residents can also watch meetings online at or on Cable Channel 16. Roseville residents can call 651-222-3333 to request free Universal Service that includes Channel 16.

2022 Budget Meetings

July 19
Review General Budget
Presentation of the 2022-2041 Capital Improvement Plan
Discuss City Council Budgetary Goals, EDA Budget, and Tax Levy


Aug. 23     Receive 2022 City Manager Recommended Budget Documents Video

Sept. 20 Receive Budget Recommendations from the Finance Commission Documents Video

Sept. 27 Adopt Preliminary 2022 Budget, Tax Levy, and EDA Levy Documents Video

Nov. 8 Review 2022 Proposed Utility Rates and Fee Schedule Documents Video

Nov. 29 Final 2022 Budget Hearing (Truth-in-Taxation Hearing) Documents Video

Dec. 6 Adopt Final 2022 Budget, Tax Levy, Utility Rates, and EDA Tax Levy Documents Video

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