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PDF Maps User Guide

The digital maps on this site are created in Adobe PDF format. The maps can either be viewed online or downloaded to your PC for use offline.

For additional information relating to the printing and viewing of these maps or for any other questions, contact GIS staff.

Downloading Maps to View Offline
To download the file to your PC to enable offline viewing:
  • Right-click on the map and choose the "Save Target As" option.
  • Navigate to a desired directory on your PC and choose "Save"
Maps saved to your PC will display faster than it will if viewed online.

Refer to the file size of each map to determine the estimated time to download.

Viewing & Using PDF Maps
To view a map in greater detail:
  • Use the ZOOM button to zoom in or zoom out
  • Select the desired area to view using the mouse to click and define a window
To move around the document:
  • Use the scroll bars at the edge of the map or use the PAN button.
To FIND specific text entries on the map:
  • Use the BINOCULARS button
  • Enter a search term and it will be highlighted on the map if found
To COPY portions of the map for use in another application (e.g. Microsoft Word)
  • Use the GRAPHICS SELECT tool and use the mouse to select the area to be copied.
  • Select EDIT then COPY in Acrobat Reader and paste the image into your application.
Printing PDF Maps
Press the PRINT button.

Most maps on this site are one of the following formats:
  • Letter (8.5-by-11 inches)
  • Tabloid (11-by-17 inches)
  • E-size (34-by-44 inches)
PDF maps are best printed at their native sizes. Most printers can rescale a map to fit within the maximum page size available. E-size maps will be only legible if printed to a large format plotter (such as a 36 or 42 inch plotter).
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