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Chapter 602 Stopping, Standing and Parking
602.01: Locking Required
602.02: Failure to Lock Immaterial in Certain Cases
602.03: Removal of Keys by Police Officer
602.04: Unattended Motor Vehicles
602.05: Handicapped Parking
602.06: Parking on Boulevard Prohibited
602.07: Fire Lanes
602.08: Vehicular Parking or Traffic Temporarily Prohibited
602.09: No Parking After Snowfall
602.10: Rules on Private and Public Parking Lots

No person shall leave a motor vehicle, except a commercial motor vehicle, unattended on any street, alley, used car lot or unattended parking lot without first stopping the engine, locking the ignition and removing and taking the key. (Ord. 270, 1-27-1958)

Any violation of the provisions of section 602.01 of this chapter shall not mitigate the offense of stealing or tampering with such motor vehicle nor shall violation be used to prevent a recovery in any civil action for theft of such motor vehicle, or the insurance on such vehicle or have any other bearing in any civil action. (Ord. 270, 1-27-1958; amd. 1990 Code)

Whenever any police officer of the city shall find a motor vehicle standing in violation of section 602.01 of this chapter, the police officer is authorized and directed to remove the keys left in such vehicle and to deliver such keys to the officer in charge of the police department at the city hall. (Ord. 270, 1-27-1958)

A. Manner of Parking: Any vehicle parked at any time in any part of the city shall be parked with the right-hand side parallel to the curb or edge of the street and not more than one foot from the curb or edge of the street leaving at least fourfeet) between parked vehicles except where marks or signs on the streets indicate that cars shall be parked at an angle. (Ord. 270, 1-27-1958; amd. 1995 Code)
B. Double Parking: Vehicles shall not stand two or more abreast in any street except in the case of commercial vehicles when calling for or delivering parcels or merchandise such commercial vehicle may double park for the length of time absolutely and reasonably necessary to load or unload when access to the curb is blocked by other vehicles at the place of delivery. (Ord. 270, 1-27-1958)
C. Time Limitations: No truck with a capacity of over two tons shall be parked on any street for more than 90 minutes or for the time necessary to load or unload such truck. (Ord. 270, 1-27-1958; amd. 1995 Code)
D. Parking On Private Property: No vehicle shall be parked or left standing upon the private property of any person without the consent of the property owner. (Ord. 270, 1-27-1958)

A. Restriction: No person shall park a motor vehicle in a parking space designated and reserved for the physically handicapped, on either private or public property, unless:
1. That person is physically handicapped in a manner rendering it difficult and burdensome for such person to walk or such person was operating the vehicle under the direction of such a physically handicapped person; and
2. The vehicle visibly bears or contains the certificate or insignia issued to physically handicapped persons by the Minnesota Department of Public Safety pursuant to Minnesota Statutes section 169.345, subdivision 2.
B. Notice of Designation: Notice of such designation of handicapped parking spaces shall be given by the posting of signs designated in accordance with the requirements of the manual of the commissioner of public safety on uniform traffic control devices and the location, number and method of signing of such spaces is first approved by the chief of police. (Ord. 781, 5-10-1976)

No vehicle shall be parked on any boulevard adjacent to a public street except for boulevard parking spaces listed on the inventory of boulevard parking spaces regularly in use, dated June 30, 1984, prepared by the code enforcement officer, a copy of which is incorporated herein by reference and which is on file in the office of the city manager, may continue to be used until one of the following occurs:
A. Roadway improvements involving disturbance of or removal of the boulevard parking area is undertaken; or
B. Substantial improvements to the lot located adjacent to the boulevard parking area is undertaken, such expansion or construction of house, garage or driveway. (Ord. 1223, 6-29-1999)

602.07: FIRE LANES:
A. Designation of Lanes: When the fire chief determines that it is necessary for fire safety purposes to establish areas of access for firefighting equipment, the fire chief shall designate fire lanes along the curb of public and private roadways adjacent to buildings and within the parking lots of public and private property. Within thirty (30) days of notification of such designation, in writing, by the fire chief, the owner of the property adjacent to such fire lanes shall, at the property owner's expense:
1. Post and maintain signs approved by the fire chief reading, in substance, "NO PARKING - FIRE LANE". Such signs shall be posted at each end of the fire lane and at least at every 100 foot interval within the fire lane.
2. Paint and maintain the painting of the curbing along the fire lanes in a yellow color. (Ord. 987, 12-2-1985)
B. Removal of Unauthorized Vehicle: No vehicle, except an authorized emergency vehicle, may be parked in a fire lane. Vehicles in violation of this section may be removed, impounded and kept in custody under the direction of the chief of police. (Ord. 905, 5-10-1982)

A. Maintenance, Improvements Or Emergency: The Public Works Director or the Chief of Police may temporarily prohibit vehicular parking or traffic upon any public street at such times as the public works department is performing maintenance or making improvements to such streets or at such times that a public safety emergency exists on or near such streets.
B. Posting: No person shall park or drive a vehicle on a public street after it has been posted with signs by the Public Works Director or the Chief of Police temporarily prohibiting vehicular parking or traffic pursuant to this section. (Ord. 817, 5-8-1978; amd. 1995 Code)

A. Parking Restricted: No person shall park any vehicle, except in compliance with directions of a police officer or in compliance with regulatory parking signs, on any street for a period of 48 hours commencing immediately after any two inches or more continuous snowfall or until snow removal has been completed on any street, whichever occurs first. (Ord. 687, 12-18-1972)
B. Removal of Illegally Parked Vehicles: Any vehicle parked in violation of this section is declared to be a nuisance which interferes with snow removal from public streets and any police officer may remove or cause to be removed, summarily, any such vehicle by means of towing or otherwise or such police officer may require the driver or owner to remove such vehicle off the paved, improved or traveled portion of such street.
C. Prosecution For Violation: The removal of a vehicle which is parked in violation of this section, either by a police officer or under the direction of a police officer, shall not preclude a prosecution for violation of any provision of this chapter. (Ord. 361, 2-26-1962)

On any private or publicly-owned parking lots within the City, the following rules shall apply:
A. The police department may post signs at any entrances to a parking lot from a public street which shall designate one-way traffic for entrance or exit. The driver of any vehicle entering or leaving such lot shall comply with any one-way signs so posted.
B. No person shall operate a motor vehicle at a speed greater than is safe and reasonable under the conditions of then existing traffic and in no event exceed a speed of 15 miles per hour.
C. Parking on lots shall conform to any stalls or positions for parking designated on the surface of the parking area.
D. The owner of the land on which the parking lot is located may designate certain spaces as for public safety, fire or emergency vehicles only, and no other vehicles may park in said spaces.
E. No vehicle shall be parked or allowed to stand in any area of such parking lot which has been designated or is used for a lane for moving traffic so as to interfere with the movement of traffic. (Ord. 401, 8-26-1963)
F. No motor vehicle shall be parked or allowed to stand in such a lot at a curb which is painted yellow.
G. No motor vehicle shall be parked or allowed to stand in such a lot in front of any entrance to any business or establishment open to public patronage. (1990 Code)
(Ord.1351, 8-27-2007)

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