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Roseville is home to an award winning parks and recreation system. Roseville residents are proud of the 30 parks, 679 acres of parkland and open space, 67 miles of trails and walkways found in their backyard, in their neighborhood, in their community.

Acorn Park

286 County Rd. C West
More about Acorn Park 


Applewood Park

2838 Arona St. 
More about Applewood Park


Autumn Grove Park

1365 Lydia Ave. West 
More about Autumn Grove Park


Bruce Russell Park

1175 Roselawn Ave. West 
More about Bruce Russell Park


Central Park - Dale East

2520 Dale St.North 
More about Dale East


Central Park - Dale West

2525 Dale St.North 
More about Dale West


Central Park - Lexington East

2540 Lexington Ave. North 
More about Lexington East


Central Park North

816 Heinel Dr. North 
More about Central Park North


Central Park - Victoria East

2490 Victoria St. North 
More about Victoria East


Central Park - Victoria West

2495 Victoria St. North
More about Victoria West 


Concordia Park

2394 Dale St. North 
More about Concordia Park


Cottontail Park

1281 County Rd. C2 West 
More about Cottontail Park


Evergreen Park

1810 County Rd. B West 
More about Evergreen Park


Howard Johnson Park

1260 Woodhill Dr. 
More about Howard Johnson Park


Keller Mayflower Park

1219 Fernwood St. 
More about Keller Mayflower Park


Ladyslipper Park

299 Owasso Blvd. South
More about Ladyslipper Park


Langton Lake Park

1894 County Rd. C2 West
More about Langton Lake Park


Lexington Park

2131 Lexington Ave. North 
More about Lexington Park


Mapleview Park

2917 Matilda St.
More about Mapleview Park


225 Minnesota Ave. 
More about Materion Park


Oasis Park

1700 County Rd. C2 West
More about Oasis Park


Owasso Fields

2659 Victoria St. North 
More about Owasso Fields


Owasso Hills Park

593 Owasso Hills Dr. 
More about Owasso Hills Park


Pioneer Park

1966 Chatsworth St. 
More about Pioneer Park


Pocahontas Park

2540 Pascal St. 
More about Pocahontas Park


Reservoir Woods

1901 Alta Vista Dr.
More about Reservoir Woods


Rosebrook Park

 2590 Fry St.
More about Rosebrook Park


Sandcastle Park

3060 Patton Rd.
More about Sandcastle Park 


Tamarack Park

1745 Farrington St. 
More about Tamarack Park


Valley Park

3110 Avon St.
More about Valley Park 


Veterans Park

1135 Woodhill Dr.
More about Veterans Park 


Villa Park

2055 Cohansey Blvd.
More about Villa Park


Willow Pond

1283 County Rd. B2 West
More about Willow Pond


Woodhill Park

2724 Western Ave. North 
More about Woodhill Park




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