Brenner Pond

The City is installing a filtration basin in a City-owned lot on the NW quadrant of Brenner Ave & Millwood Ave.  The City purchased the lot in 2011 to address neighborhood drainage issues and it is currently used for stormwater purposes.

The modification from its current state requires the removal of the trees, grading a basin at a constant elevation, and some storm sewer pipe work.  The lot will be restored using a mix of trees, shrubs, and native vegetation.

The filtration basin will help alleviate some local flooding issues and help improve water quality going to Charley Pond and Lake Owasso.  On an annual basis, the filtration basin will remove 12 lbs of phosphorus from the stormwater, which is the major contributing factor to algae blooms.  One pound of phosphorus can lead to 500 lbs of algae, so this basin will help keep an estimated 6,000 lbs of algae from blooming in our local water resources on an annual basis. 

The City is partnering with the Ramsey-Washington Metro Watershed District for cost share funding, and also to ensure both organizations’ Water Management Plans are being met.  

A comparative project is at Twin Lakes Parkway & Arthur.  The basin at Brenner and Millwood will have a similar look to the existing basins, once established.  The City will maintain the basin at Brenner and Millwood on a monthly basis, which is standard procedure for other stormwater projects around the City.

Brenner Pond Map
Brenner Pond 12/31/2019 Mailing
Brenner Pond 5/12/2020 Mailing
Brenner Pond Landscape Plan
Brenner Pond Stormwater Design

Contractor:  Frattalone Companies


Tree removal completed before June 5, 2020
Grading, utility, and stabilization work completed July 24, 2020
Final restoration and tree planting completed Fall 2020

Monthly management of the area to promote proper establishment and operation is ongoing.

Brenner Pond Construction (2020)


Twin Lakes Filtration Basin (installed 2016)

Brenner Pond

Public Meeting

The City held an informational meeting about the project to get input from residents before the City completes the final design. The meeting was held on Wednesday, January 15, 2020 at 6:00 p.m. at the park building in Autumn Grove Park located at 1395 Lydia Avenue West.

Brenner Pond Presentation