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Utility Billing

The City of Roseville provides water, sanitary sewer, storm sewer, and recycling services to residents and businesses. These services are funded through user fees which are designed to equate the direct benefits for customers to the actual costs of providing these services. Before water is delivered to your home, it must first be collected, treated for impurities, and distributed through a complex system that ensures adequate water pressure.

After usage, your household water is discharged through drains and toilets and collected through a wastewater treatment system. Wastewater must be treated to ensure that all public health requirements are met and to allow the water to return safely to lakes and rivers.

The stormwater runoff collection system is built and maintained to collect normal and excess stormwater runoff. Without a stormwater runoff collection system many homes and streets would be flooded during heavy rainstorms. By managing a series of collection points, excess water can be quickly diverted away to lakes, ponds, and wetland areas.

Your utility fees are used to provide these essential services.

Billing Information

Each property’s utility fees vary depending on the property type, the physical size of the property, and how much water is used. The city’s utility rate structure is designed so that high water users pay more than low water users. In addition, larger properties such as commercial and retail businesses typically pay more than single-family homes because they generally have greater impacts on utility infrastructure and the environment. View the current utility billing rates.

For billing purposes, the city is split into 3 billing sections. The system is set up so each billing section and property is billed quarterly (or every 3 months), but the city is billing a different section every month. The location of your property determines what billing section you are in, and when you will be billed.

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