Lead Consultant for 2012-2015 Parks & Recreation Renewal Program

Project Overview

The City of Roseville invites qualified respondents to submit a proposal for planning services required for the implementation of the City of Roseville's 2012-2015 Parks and Recreation Renewal Program. The proposed $19.025M project list and location maps can be found on the City of Roseville's website.


Event Detail
1 RFP Released 07/25/2012
2 Pre Proposal Meeting 08/08/2012
3 Last Day For Questions 08/13/2012
4 Proposals Due 08/20/2012
5 Interviews 08/28/2012
6 Identification of Potential Best-Value 08/31/2012
7 Clarification Phase Kick Off Meeting (Potential BV only) 09/12/2012
8 Clarification Phase Summary Meeting (Potential BV only) 09/21/2012
9 Anticipated Project Award 10/04/2012

Award Information

Vendor Name: Estimated Budget
Awarded Cost
Awarded Duration
Detailed Award Information
Project Risks
Estimated Budget: $194,500 $172,338
270 Days
Lead Consultant Award Information