Course Policies

General Policies

  • All golfers must have at least three clubs, one being a putter.
  • Coolers are prohibited.
  • No teaching or practicing on course.
  • Only golfers are allowed on the course, no caddies or walkers.
  • Play only one ball.
  • The city reserves the right to regulate all play.

Rain Checks

  • Rain Checks will be issued to golfers who's play is interrupted, providing they haven't teed off on Hole #5
  • Rain Checks expire 30 days after the issue date
  • It is the golfers responsibility to keep the rain-check and provide it upon redemption
  • Rain Checks cannot be redeemed without a physical copy of the rain check

League Punch Cards

  • Punch Cards are valid for the year they are issued
  • Punch Cards can be used for any "league affiliated" round of golf
  • They can be redeemed after the league season ends for open golf