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Fair Housing Policy

Fair Housing Policy

  1. Purpose/Vision
    Title VIII of the Civil Rights Act establishes federal policy for providing fair housing throughout the United States. The intent of Title VIII is to assure equal housing opportunities for all citizens. Furthermore, the City of Roseville, as a recipient of federal community development funds under Title I of the Housing and Community Development Act of 1974, is obligated to certify that it will affirmatively further fair housing.

    The City of Roseville is committed to meeting this obligation, and has developed this Fair Housing Policy to further that goal.
  2. Fair Housing Policy Statement
    It is the policy and commitment of the City of Roseville to ensure that fair and equal housing opportunities are granted to all persons in all housing opportunities and development activities funded by the city regardless of race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, status with regard to public assistance, familial status, national origin, or disability. This shall be done through strong external policies that provide meaningful access to all constituents and fair housing informational and referral services; and internal practices and procedures that do not discriminate and that affirmatively further fair housing.
  3. External Practices
    1. Meaningful Access
      1. Online Information. The City of Roseville will have information about fair housing prominently displayed on the City’s website. The website page will provide a link to the Minnesota Department of Human Rights. The web page will also have links to various fair housing resources, including the Department of Housing and Urban Development, Southern Minnesota Regional Legal Services, and others.
      2. In-Person Information. The City of Roseville will provide fair housing information to anyone requesting such information at the city offices. Administration Department staff will provide information of the online web page for fair housing resources.
      3. Languages. The City of Roseville is committed to providing information in the native language of its residents. Therefore if the city’s website translation tool does not provide translation in a native language, then the City of Roseville will direct individuals to appropriate translation services that are available.
  4. Internal Practices
    The City of Roseville commits to the following steps to promote awareness and sensitivity to fair housing issues in all of its government functions.
    1. Staff Training - the City will continue to train its staff and officials on fair housing considerations.
    2. Housing Analysis - the City will review its housing inventory periodically to examine the affordability of both rental and owner-occupied housing to inform future City actions.
    3. Code Analysis - the City will review its municipal code periodically, with specific focus on ordinances related to zoning, building and occupancy standards, to identify any potential for disparate impact or treatment.
    4. Project Planning and Analysis - the City planning functions and development review will consider housing issues, including whether potential projects may perpetuate segregation or lead to displacement of protected classes.
    5. Community Engagement - The City will seek input from underrepresented populations in the community utilizing engagement best practices as recommended by both staff and the Human Rights, Inclusion and Engagement Commission such as facilitating conversations regarding fair housing, development, zoning, and land use changes may be expedited by the City.
    6. Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing - As a recipient of federal funds, the City agrees to participate in the Regional Analysis of Impediments, as organized by the regional Fair Housing Implementation Council. The City will integrate the recommendations and action plan into city planning documents, including the Consolidated Plan, the Comprehensive Plan, and other applicable documents.
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