Investigations and CAT Internships

The Roseville Police Department is offering two different paid internship opportunities, a position as a Police Intern with our Investigations Unit and a position as a Police Intern with our Community Action Team (CAT). Although much of the work is similar between the two roles, there are some differences in the focus of the work depending on the unit. Interns in both positions work with community members and victims on case assignments and assist their team with whatever else may be required of them. Additionally, both interns have the opportunity to go on a ride along with an officer, sit-in on officer trainings, attend an autopsy, visit the Ramsey County dispatch center, and assist during search warrants.


The Investigations department is comprised of the Investigations Lieutenant, Investigations Sergeant, a team of Investigators, the Property Room Manager/Evidence Technician, and the Investigative Analyst. 

Specific intern duties include:
  • Communicate with various community entities to obtain evidence of a crime 
  • Obtain additional information from victims/complainants of crimes
  • Attend weekly Investigations meetings
  • Bring evidence to/from the BCA
  • Assist investigators with case-specific tasks
  • Report to and check-in with Property Room Manager/Evidence  Technician for additional tasks

Community Action Team (CAT)

The CAT works alongside community partners to find innovative solutions to problems affecting the quality of life of our community. Current Initiatives: Human Trafficking, Auto Theft Investigations, Mental Health Referrals, Resources for Unsheltered Persons, Problem Properties, and Community Outreach Events.

Specific intern duties include:
  • Create, analyze and manage statistical projects
  • Using Excel to organize CAT data for the Behavioral Health Unit
  • Assist Homeless Outreach Specialist in sharing resources with community members in need
  • Attend weekly CAT meetings
  • Assist CAT with any care/needs for the clients they serve