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City Council


Meeting Agenda

Monday, June 11, 2012, 6:00 pm

City Hall Council Chambers, 2660 Civic Center Drive

Roseville, Minnesota 55113

All Times are Approximate


View Background Packet 8.85 MB PDF     View Minutes

5:30 p.m.


Closed Session

1.       Twin Lakes, Xtra Lease

2.       Cobalt Industrial REIT II, et. al. Condemnation Proceeding

6:00 p.m.


Roll Call

Voting & Seating Order for June: Johnson, McGehee, Pust, Willmus, Roe

6:02 p.m.


Approve Agenda

6:05 p.m.


Public Comment

6:10 p.m.


Council Communications, Reports and Announcements

6:15 p.m.


Recognitions, Donations and Communications



a.    Girl Scout Gold Award Winners



b.    Recognize Statewide Human Rights Essay Contest Winner

6:25 p.m.


Approve Minutes



a.    Approve Minutes of  May 21, 2012 Meeting               

6:30 p.m.


Approve Consent Agenda



a.    Approve Payments



b.    Approve Business Licenses



c.    Approve General Purchases and Sale of Surplus items in excess of $5000



d.    Approve Joint Meeting with School District on Tuesday, June 26, 2012



e.    Order Feasibility Report and Approve an Agreement Between the City of Shoreview and the City of Roseville for the County Road D Reconstruction Project

f.     Approve Resolution Supporting the Environmental Assistance Grant Application for Villa Park Wetland Restoration Project

6:40 p.m.


Consider Items Removed from Consent



General Ordinances for Adoption




6:45 p.m.


a.    Public Works, Environment and Transportation Commission Meeting with City Council 30 KB PDF



Public Hearings



Business Items (Action Items)

7:25 p.m.


a.    Administer Presumptive Penalty – B-Dale Club Alcohol Compliance Failure 476 KB PDF

7:35 p.m.


b.    Administer Presumptive Penalty – Green Mill Restaurant Alcohol Compliance Failure 982 KB PDF

7:45 p.m.


c.    Administer Presumptive Penalty – Grumpy’s Restaurant Alcohol Compliance Failure 1.64 MB PDF

7:55 p.m.


d.   Administer Presumptive Penalty – Old Chicago Restaurant Alcohol Compliance Failure 2.46 MB PDF

8:05 p.m.


e.    Adopt Cleanup Assistance Policy Regarding Sanitary Sewer Backups 73 KB PDF

8:25 p.m.


f.     Request to Perform Abatement at 2432 Lexington Ave. 289 KB PDF

8:35 p.m.


g.    Request to Perform Abatement at 2744 Mackubin St. 522 KB PDF

8:45 p.m.


h.    Request to Perform Abatement at 1136 Sandhurst Dr. 716 KB PDF

8:55 p.m.


i.      Waive Competitive Selection Process – Legal Services 645 KB PDF



Business Items – Presentations/Discussions

9:10 p.m.


City Manager Future Agenda Review

9:15 p.m.


Councilmember Initiated Items for Future Meetings

9:30 p.m.