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What types of events does the Roseville Skating Center host?
Due to its uniqueness the Guidant John Rose MN OVAL is able to host many different kinds of events and activities. Some include: World Cup Speedskating, World Bandy Championships, National Bandy Championships, Aggressive Skating Association qualifying competitions and the Minnesota Wild jersey unveiling ceremony. The Banquet facilities are often host to wedding ceremonies, meetings, church groups, and many other social activities.

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1. Can I rent skates for public skating?
2. Do you offer skating lessons?
3. What is the distance around the Guidant John Rose MN OVAL?
4. Does the OVAL close due to inclement weather?
5. How many people can the banquet facility accommodate?
6. What types of events does the Roseville Skating Center host?
7. Can we host a birthday skating party at the Skating Center?
8. Do you have group rates?
9. Is the OVAL the same as the Skating Center?
10. How do you keep the ice from melting in the fall and spring when the temperatures can be so warm?
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