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City Council

Meeting Agenda

Monday, March 9, 2009

City Hall Council Chambers, 2660 Civic Center Drive

Roseville, Minnesota 55113

All Times are Approximate


View Background Packet 9.83 MB PDF


3:50 pm

4:00 pm

4:10 pm

4:20 pm

4:30 pm

4:50 pm

5:00 pm

5:10 pm

5:20 pm


Commission Interviews

Thomas Lund            Parks & Recreation

Brent Huberty          Parks & Recreation

Jason Etten             Parks & Recreation

Robert Murray          Parks & Recreation

David Holt               Parks & Recreation

Jeff Boldt                Parks & Recreation & Pub Wks Env Trsp

James Campbell        Police Civil Service

Steve Gjerdinger       Public Works, Environ & Transportation

David Horsager         Ethics






6:00 pm


Roll Call

Voting & Seating Order for March:  Pust; Ihlan; Johnson; Roe; Klausing 


6:02 pm


Approve Agenda


6:05 pm


Public Comment


6:10 pm


Council Communications, Reports, Announcements and Housing and Redevelopment Authority Report


6:15 pm


Recognitions, Donations, Communications




a.      Recognize and Accept Lake Ridge Care Center $500 Donation



b.      Recognize and Accept Minnesota 100 Club $3,500 Donation to Officer Jorgensen


6:25 pm



Approve Minutes



a.      Approve Minutes of  February 23, 2009 Meeting 


6:30 pm


Approve Consent Agenda




a.      Approve Payments



b.      Approve Business License



c.      Set a Public Hearing for Key’s Café Liquor License



d.      Receive Update on Imagine Roseville 2025 Medium and Long Term Goals



e.      Authorize Acceptance of Metropolitan Emergency Services Board Grant for 800 Megahertz Radios for Public Works Supervisors



f.       Approve Change Order; Adopt a Resolution to Accept the Work Completed; Authorize Final Payment of $52,077.28;  and Commence the One-Year Warranty Period on the 2008 Contract B Street Improvement Project



g.      Amend Contract with WSB to Prepare a Response Action Plan for the Twin Lakes AUAR Subarea I Infrastructure Improvements


6:40 pm


Consider Items Removed from Consent




General Ordinances for Adoption


6:50 pm






a.      Hear a Presentation and Adopt a Resolution regarding Early Voting and Vote by Mail 54 KB PDF



7:10 pm

7:20 pm

7:30 pm

7:40 pm

7:50 pm

8:00 pm

8:10 pm

8:20 pm

8:30 pm


Commission Interviews

Tim Johnson              Parks & Recreation & Planning

John Gisselquist         Planning

Keith Miller               Planning & Human Rights

Gary Grefenberg        Planning & Human Rights

Peg Kennedy            Human Rights

Liz Jaeger                Human Rights

George Bondy           Human Rights

Barbara Yates          Human Rights

Howard Wagner        Human Rights




Public Hearings





Business Items (Action Items)


8:40 pm


a.      Update of Centennial  Gardens Apartments Non-Compliance 642 KB PDF


9:00 pm


b.      Adopt a Resolution Authorizing the use of Eminent Domain for the acquisition of parcels for street and utility purposes within the Twin Lakes Redevelopment Area 1.28 MB PDF




Business Items – Presentations/Discussions


9:15 pm


a.      Discussion on the 2009 Utility Rates 1.03 MB PDF


9:30 pm


b.      Continue Discussions on an Alternative Budgeting Process for 2010 884 KB PDF


9:40 pm


c.      Update on 2009 Budget Adjustments


9:45 pm


d.      Discuss City Manager Evaluation Process 31 KB PDF


9:50 pm


City Manager Future Agenda Review




Councilmember Initiated Items for Future Meetings


9:55 pm


a.  Twin Lakes Property Maintenance Code Enforcement -          Ihlan 3.41 MB PDF