Crime Alerts / News Releases

Recent Alerts / News Releases
  • June 28 - Khari Adams turned himself in to St. Paul Police at approximately 11:30 p.m. 06/27.
  • June 27 - Multiple agencies responded to an armed suspect at the 2900 Block of Centre Point Drive. Roseville Police issued a press release and is asking for the public's help with locating suspect, Khari Adams.
  • May 8 - The Roseville Police has issued a press release pertaining to a brief lockdown of Roseville Area High School following a local bank robbery. Witnesses reported the suspect fleeing in the direction of the school.
  • April 17 - The Roseville Police Department issued a press release after receiving a Notice of a Lawsuit and Request to Waive Service of Summons involving Victor Yair Hernandez-Rivera and four Roseville Police Officers.
  • February 10 - The Ramsey county Attorney's Office issued a press release pertaining to the arrests of two individuals, Runger Vang and Chao Moua responsible for numerous reports of mail theft in the City of Roseville.
Please note: Please do not call the Roseville Police Department if you believe your mail was stolen in this case as all mail has been turned over to the U.S. Postal Inspector. They will return all mail connected to this case later this week or early next week. This is still an active investigation with hundreds of victims. Investigators are attempting to compile an Excel spreadsheet with the names of each of the victims. Due to the sheer volume of victims, it may take weeks to document each victim's name.